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conk / носище, перебои, башка
имя существительное
jam, conk
chump, noggin, pate, twopenny, noddle, conk
дать в нос
die, kick, kick in, pass away, succumb, conk
стукнуть по голове
имя существительное
a person's head.
a person's nose.
There was a certain camaraderie, a nodding acquaintance with the other regulars, such as Big Nose's mob, several of whom had ordinary sized conks .
a hairstyle in which curly or kinky hair is straightened.
Malcolm Little, years before he was Malcolm X, wore his hair chemically slicked in what was called a conk and styled zoot suits when he was young.
(of a machine) break down.
my car conked out
hit (someone) on the head.
the clown conked him and sent him to the hospital with a concussion
straighten curly or kinky hair.
He maintains that ‘Many blacks in Paris bleached their skin, straightened and conked their hair, and tried to dress and speak like whites, in order to assimilate better.’
However, even that was easily dealt with, as all he had to do was lure the guard away, conk him, and hide him in the bushes.
Heavy bars, however, may come down and conk you in the head so keep your hand on the bar to be safe.
He didn't bother to ask his brother if he used the wrench to conk him out.
Next I bought glue traps, resolving to conk the critters as soon as they were caught.
most creatures conk out smartly once they have passed on their genes
He continues, ‘I flop like a fish on a dock, conk me with a frying pan to make me stop.’
Let's be careful and not conk your head again.
There were but a very few musicians who didn't wear a conk in those days.
How about I just conk you over the head and knock you out?
He has a huge conk and looks greasy to me.