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conjure / колдовать, вызывать в воображении, заклинать
conjure, hex, wiz
вызывать в воображении
conjure, conjure up, ideate, image, imagine
conjure, adjure, implore, exorcise, conjure up, charm
make (something) appear unexpectedly or seemingly from nowhere as if by magic.
Anne conjured up a most delicious homemade stew
implore (someone) to do something.
By the ministry of a faithful eunuch she transmitted to him a ring, the pledge of her affection, and earnestly conjured him to claim her as a lawful spouse to whom he had been secretly betrothed.
To Britons of the right age, those three words conjure up all sorts of semi-nostalgic memories.
The restaurant had worked hard to conjure up vivid images of Thailand in every detail from the artwork and carvings adorning the green and maroon walls to the incense wafting through the air.
She explains about her seven dead children and how she sent her daughter to conjure the spirits of the dead.
While for some, video games conjure up the image of the socially withdrawn and uncommunicative male, the milieu of video games is intensely social.
The acoustic guitar is the closest thing to a fetish object in music: put one in the right hands, and that person can conjure the dead.
However, her pictures are not about the romantic images that these conjure up, but focus on the world they transport the viewer too.
This is just a figment of the imagination of weak minds that conjure up images to provide solace when they cannot handle reality, she continued.
In terms of womanhood, the words conjure up something, well, unflatteringly female.
As Osa dancers perform a stick dance meant to conjure up the spirits of their ancestors, organizers say the festive season is not a denouncement of Western Christian values.
One of his strategies is to test whether a word can conjure up a complex idea.