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conjunctive / связывающий, присоединительный, союзный
имя прилагательное
contact, linking, tying, adhesive, conjunctive, communicant
union, allied, federal, syndetic, confederate, conjunctive
имя существительное
сослагательное наклонение
subjunctive, conjunctive mood, conjunctive
имя прилагательное
serving to join; connective.
the conjunctive tissue
имя существительное
a word or expression acting as a conjunction.
Instead of words for conjunctives like ‘with’, ‘to’, and ‘about’, there are word endings.
For children of both age groups and adults, the magnitude of the single event probability appeared to impact the proportion of correct responses in conjunctive problems of the kind presented here.
It is time we move in the direction of rainwater harvesting, watershed development and the conjunctive use of rain, river, ground, treated sewage and sea water on the one hand, and river water linking on the other.
Moreover, amnesia sets in when images, possessed of a unique conjunctive power, are subordinated to texts, since texts support the modernizing transformation of myth into doctrine and message.
Cysts of different shapes and sizes appeared in the conjunctive tissues of the abdomen and viscera, mainly in the liver, gonads, and pancreas.
The conjunctive theorist might still avail herself of one of the above replies to preemption and disconnection.
Whether sex chromosomes and autosomes differ in their conjunctive mechanism is an unresolved issue.
Therefore, it would be reasonable to expect that compared to their younger counterparts, older children would be more proficient at reasoning, in general, and more successful in making conjunctive judgments, in particular.
They have distinct culture, history, heroes, race-mentality, language; and are inhabitants of a conjunctive geographical zone i.e. the land of the five rivers.
It consists mainly of conjunctive collagen fibrils packed in lamellar bundles that are immersed in an amorphous ground fluid.
The famous doctor sets forth this doctrine to explain his interest in bamboo as he found its qualities effective against degenerative processes in the cartilages and conjunctive tissue.