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conjunction / соединение, конъюнкция, союз
имя существительное
compound, connection, conjunction, joint, combination, link
conjunction, and
union, alliance, league, association, conjunction, combination
combination, conjunction
relations, bonds, binding, communication, connection, conjunction
имя существительное
the action or an instance of two or more events or things occurring at the same point in time or space.
a conjunction of favorable political and economic circumstances
a word used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate words in the same clause (e.g., and , but , if ).
Such words include pronouns, auxiliary verbs, conjunctions , and prepositions.
We should now take a closer look at the quadruple conjunction of the planets in Capricorn and in particular, the Sun.
the planet reached conjunction with the sun
I attribute the shift in part to the conjunction of two very different events.
he postulated that the Americas were formed by the conjunction of floating islands
a conjunction of favourable political and economic circumstances
In your natal chart, the conjunction of your Pisces sun with Saturn gives you a tendency toward worry to begin with, so this is a part of you that only you can work to overcome.
I mean if you take plague, for example, plague was more a conjunction of circumstances to do with natural patterns in wild animals and natural disasters, wasn't it?
Much the same occurs when two planets are in a conjunction but in adjacent houses rather than in the same house.
It is with us again thanks to the conjunction of two events, one here in York and the other of national concern.
a conjunction of favorable political and economic circumstances