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conjoint / соединенный, совместный, общий
имя прилагательное
connected, coupled, united, linked, associated, conjoint
joint, cooperative, mutual, collective, united, conjoint
general, common, overall, generic, joint, conjoint
имя прилагательное
combining all or both people or things involved.
conjoint family therapy
I would like to hear thoughtful discussions on the nature of relational therapy and avoid limiting the definition of relational therapy to therapy that is conjoint , that is, involving more than one person in the room.
As mentioned, family schemas originally develop from individual and conjoint belief systems that evolved from what the parents bring to the family relationship.
We accomplished this by simultaneously establishing two dramatically different, yet complementary, therapeutic environments in the context of conjoint therapy.
Over the past 10 years, researchers and treatment professionals have begun to consider these issues in more depth, with a growing interest in conjoint couples therapy being one result.
However, in individual couple therapy, the content of the conjoint session is based on issues the couple brings to the session.
Overall, we speculate that differences in struggle dynamics between individual and conjoint therapy may be more in terms of structural dynamics than therapist process.
However, because our task requires observers to identify an object's primary axis, multiple symmetry axes would lead to confusion, and would make the interpretation of conjoint and disjoint results impossible.
Today's students commonly do a conjoint degree - the equivalent of two degrees at once, but with the work crammed into four years instead of six.
They respond to specific treatments including individual psychotherapy, conjoint family therapy, and even pharmacotherapy.
Indeed, there is a huge industry devoted especially to the supply of protocols, advice, personnel, and moral encouragement for inter-faith combinations and conjoint weddings.