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conjoin / соединяться, соединять, сочетать
unite, connect, join, incorporate, couple, conjoin
unite, connect, join, combine, put together, conjoin
combine, match, mix, marry, connect, conjoin
join; combine.
an approach that conjoins theory and method
He is a worshipper not merely of his subject but of his metaphor - and he is compelled to conjoin them, despite the well-documented agnosticism.
He seeks to avoid a ‘one-sided materialistic’ view of history, and therefore attempts to conjoin analysis of the material with the spiritual - that is, between patterns of belief and systems of social action.
The proposal to conjoin the city's large student population into one ward is not new.
Such ethnographic explorations of film, video and television elsewhere place the book at some distance from many ongoing discussions that conjoin film and anthropology.
As such, her poetry signifies a self-determining moment in the history and reception of African American writing, conjoining aspects of expression that cross-refer to both adults and children in Appalachia and beyond.
The papier-mâché city, one might say, is a dialectical image: it conjoins grim desperation with possibility, an earthy materialism with idealism, the old and discarded with the utterly new.
It is not necessarily a vicious circle, however, because by conjoining a larger and larger set of good and consistent theories it will become possible, if determinism is true, to diminish the apparent exceptions to nil.
As such, it is the critical aspect of making art, the linchpin that unites theory with practice and conjoins the intellect and the hand.
If possession of a human mind and body is sufficient for something's being a human, then ‘merging’ the divine mind with a human mind and conjoining both to a human body will yield one person with two natures.
This sublime sphere, set amid the ordered nature of a landscaped garden, combined the functions of memorial and planetarium, conjoining the transience of humanity with the eternal celestial realm.