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conifer / хвойное дерево
имя существительное
хвойное дерево
conifer, spruce
имя существительное
a tree that bears cones and evergreen needlelike or scalelike leaves. Conifers are of major importance as the source of softwood, and also supply resins and turpentine.
Evergreen trees, including many conifers , support more leaf area than deciduous trees in the same environment.
Tree nests are located on the branch of a mature conifer , up to 150 feet off the ground.
One of our neighbours has had to have the tree men round to take down a big conifer as they were worried it was going to blown down onto the road.
Originally from China, it is one of the planet's oldest species and is a conifer despite its maidenhair fern-like leaves.
They usually perch in the open at the very top of a conifer or snag or in a small tree.
The famous giant redwood is a large evergreen conifer, whereas, in contrast, the dawn redwood is a deciduous conifer .
Astonishingly though, it's a conifer and is one of the oldest surviving tree species on earth.
It contains narcissi and a slow-growing conifer , which will soon be too big.
Juniper is one of Britain's three native species of conifer and is evergreen with short spiny leaves.
Some dwarf conifers , such as bird's nest spruce, grow very slowly, as little as an inch per year.
They do not need a wall and are happy to scramble over heathers, conifers , trees or hedges.