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conical / конический, конусный, конусообразный
имя прилагательное
conical, conic, coniform, fastigiate
conical, conic, bevel, coniform
taper, conical, tapering, conic, coniform, conoid
имя прилагательное
having the shape of a cone.
The ancestral tooth shape is conical , but there are numerous variations depending on the diet of the fish.
The shape of the conical tower on the left is almost exactly the same as the shape of the view up the street.
Due to the double conical shape, the lower part can be placed exactly inside the upper part.
In these cases the whole structure has a more conical shape, with the apex down and its size expanding upwards.
What appeared to be a green hologram of some sort of conical machine had taken up residence in the square, and there were crowds of black and red gathered around it.
The conical shape of a volcano became visible at first, its top slightly lopsided from the last time it erupted.
The cortical area is clearly defined from the inverted conical or pyramid-shaped medulla.
The gas is forced to spiral ever inwards towards the axis of the conical section with increasing tangential velocity.
The four-bedroom houses have a conical shaped roof and turret shaped sitting rooms and come with a detached garage.
The space station has an odd shape, a donut with a conical re-entry vehicle at the center.
Cut the dough in half, transfer one piece to a buttered bowl, and knead the dough to form a conical shape.