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congruous / соответствующий, гармонирующий, сообразный
имя прилагательное
corresponding, appropriate, suitable, fit, adequate, congruous
harmonious, congruous, keyed, congruent
имя прилагательное
in agreement or harmony.
this explanation is congruous with earlier observations
Moderate stylization and antirealism that falls short of true expressionism is sometimes enough to soothe congruous crudity into an effectively intensified sensibility, if the idiom is correct.
His work is nothing if not congruous and consistently rewarding.
For such people summer is congruous with added misery courtesy of the frequent power failures and water shortages.
To persuade students that popular culture is congruous with critical analysis, then, media educators should consider using creative metaphors to jar students into looking at popular culture in new ways.
First, three years ago, the original team, while they did many things well, failed to design and build a user interface that offered a considerate, congruous user experience that anticipates the user's needs.
Altogether his work has a distinctive, congruous voice, but individually his films are produced with very dissimilar methods and motives.
Perspective by incongruity is one tool that instructors can use to persuade students that the media are congruous with critical analysis and not merely with entertainment and escape.
An analysis for reliability and validity shows that the responses to these two questions are congruous and measure the same magnitude.
These things look great fun to fly - their pilots wave from open cockpits and wiggle their wings raffishly - but they look as graceful and congruous as goats on skateboards.
All these elements which have some mutual conflict of interest are congruous with the inferior part of the universe which we call earth.