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congruent / конгруэнтный, соответствующий, подходящий
имя прилагательное
corresponding, appropriate, suitable, fit, adequate, congruent
suitable, appropriate, right, suited, fitting, congruent
coincidental, coinciding, coincident, conterminous, concurrent, congruent
harmonious, congruous, keyed, congruent
имя прилагательное
in agreement or harmony.
institutional and departmental objectives are largely congruent
(of figures) identical in form; coinciding exactly when superimposed.
Use just one cut - or draw a line - and divide this white shape into two identical, congruent , parts.
No significant change occurs unless the new form is congruent with the old.
I don't find a lot of it to be congruent with my own perception of the situation.
If they did, they might elect someone not congruent with American interests.
‘Sport is a vital part of Service life and the personal qualities it develops are congruent with the qualities we expect in our people,’ he said.
Next, you want to get very specific about what you're going to market on your webpage and make sure that it's congruent with our next step.
Each vertex triangle in the new hexagon is either congruent to one in the original hexagon or has the same base and height.
So the outcome is proportionate and congruent with international principles of self-defense.
We will never ignore the president's request, which also is congruent with our objectives and with our goals.
Oftentimes, achieving a major goal eludes us because we want to make huge leaps from reality to the dream without making our lives congruent with the main goal we set for ourselves.
The instructional mode of two teachers was congruent with their personal view of learning, while the third showed congruence only when teaching one subject area.