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congressman / конгрессмен, член конгресса
имя существительное
член конгресса
congressman, member of congress
имя существительное
a member of the US Congress (also used as a form of address), usually specifically a member of the US House of Representatives.
The measures that have been taken are calculated to intimidate not only the general public, but the congressmen and senators as well.
On one occasion, the congressman even arranged a blind date, but nothing became of it.
If she wanted him to meet with a senator or a congressman , we had to change his schedule to do it.
As the congressman told us of his need to leave, I began waving furiously from my side of the building in my work clothes.
Anyway, the real life guy became a congressman or a senator or something.
If you are not raising money, the congressman implies, you are a political target waiting to be hit.
Any congressman who tries to stonewall on this will be subject to an immediate recall movement.
The congressman in fact had actually paid his taxes; he was just habitually late about it.
Unfortunately, our senators and congressmen have not been smart enough or well prepared enough to do the job.
Privately, many senators and congressmen have a similar feeling.
This is an off-year election, meaning we choose senators and congressmen , not a president.