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congress / конгресс, съезд
имя существительное
congress, cong, diet
congress, convention, conference, rally, synod, cong
имя существительное
the national legislative body of a country.
A similar process occurs in most legislative bodies: Every parliament and congress in a functioning democracy has caucuses and coalitions.
a formal meeting or series of meetings for discussion between delegates, especially those from a political party or labor union or from within a particular discipline.
an international congress of mathematicians
a society or organization, especially a political one.
the National Congress of American Indians
the action of coming together.
sexual congress
At a party congress held in Berlin on August 27, Germany's recently founded Left Party adopted its program for the federal election due to take place on September 18.
Although it rarely occurs, senators and members of congress can give speeches in the Peruvian Congress in Quechua.
There are so many euphemisms for the act of sexual congress .
Women now have 25% of the seats in the Iraqi national congress .
sexual congress
Bolivia is a constitutional republic with an elected president and national congress .
He said the party's national congress was the only body that could change the UDM's position.
The dictionary says that ‘tupping’ describes what rams do to ewes but I first came across it being used in relation to human sexual congress .
The very notion of an ‘Indonesian’ women's congress foregrounded its nationalist drive.
As might be expected, any suggestion of female sexuality or of sexual congress outside of marriage is treated as immoral and shameful.