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congregate / собираться, собирать, сходиться
collect, gather, meet, assemble, congregate, get together
collect, gather, pick, assemble, congregate, compile
converge, come together, meet, mix, congregate, foregather
имя прилагательное
assembled, collected, gathered, picked, together, congregate
collective, shared, communal, congregate
gather into a crowd or mass.
some 4000 demonstrators had congregated at a border point
имя прилагательное
nursing homes and adult congregate living facilities
He stated they have developed a product type with these senior apartment communities that are about a third larger than a congregate care unit and roughly half the monthly rent you would pay for congregate care monthly rental.
The failures of congregate wet-nursing and the high cost of private commercial arrangements encouraged the search for alternatives.
We describe the goals, development, operation, and outcomes of an intergenerational programmatic relationship between a private comprehensive college and a congregate facility that houses both independent-living apartments and assisted living for older adults.
As community inclusion advocates pursue a "one-size-fits-all" policy and push to close all congregate facilities, the least restrictive environment ceases to be a reality for many consumers.
Members of the public said they had been scared and felt intimidated because of the large numbers of youths congregating near their homes.
Residents want police to use their new powers to stop the youths from congregating on the estate and causing criminal damage.
There was a mass of people congregating around the fountain, all dressed in smart suits or dazzling gowns.
He said the rank at the moment has to deal with too many taxis and has become a hot-spot for trouble because of crowds congregating there at night.
Since the smoking ban has been introduced the sight of people congregating around the entrance to a licensed premises has become commonplace.
After lunch at my family's home, we had a hard time leaving because a mass of people had congregated outside.