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congratulation / поздравление
имя существительное
congratulation, compliments, felicitation, compliment
имя существительное
an expression of praise for an achievement or good wishes on a special occasion; the act of congratulating.
he began pumping the hand of his son in congratulation
expressions of congratulation
We feel immensely proud at reaching this milestone and it's also been quite humbling to receive so many messages of congratulation .
Laughing is a more involuntary reaction than people are willing to admit sometimes, and to chuckle is a sign of recognition, not congratulation .
David deserves congratulation for combining two genres and, in the process, producing a serious study which is immensely enjoyable.
What we have, then, is a career that appeared to become arrested in mid-flow, which subsequently recovered in a blaze of congratulation .
To walk unaided three tentative steps from mother's to father's arms is a cause for high celebration and congratulation .
Thank you very much everyone who sent emails of congratulation to us, they're much appreciated.
It's over fool; congratulation or commiseration are all you can do.
On litter control they said there seemed to be a distinct improvement on last year which was another matter of congratulation .
It deserves every congratulation for having got over the first tough hurdle.