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conglomeration / нагромождение, скопление, конгломерация
имя существительное
conglomeration, agglomerate, gorge
cluster, accumulation, congestion, collection, aggregation, conglomeration
имя существительное
a number of different things, parts or items that are grouped together; collection.
a loose conglomeration of pieces
the process of forming a conglomerate.
the practice of media conglomeration
This is similar to when media conglomerates sell off ownership of some of their subsidiaries because conglomeration loses profitability at a certain point.
a loose conglomeration of pieces
The building now houses a conglomeration of different businesses.
Much like the movie is a conglomeration of familiar elements.
A set is any collection, group, or conglomeration .
It is not some financial corporation, or industrial conglomeration milking its poor workers for personal gain.
Finally, coverage of the climate crisis is one of many casualties of media conglomeration .
Each human is a unique conglomeration of chemicals (molecules, etc.).
China Telecom is a conglomeration of many largely independent provincial companies.
A conglomeration of the rating scales created by students in all three classes is shown in Figure 2.