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congested / перенаселенный, застойный, переполненный кровью
имя прилагательное
overpopulated, congested, overpeopled
dead, congested, easy
переполненный кровью
close, narrow, tight, intimate, poky, congested
имя прилагательное
blocked up with or too full of something, in particular.
The teacher stood up from his congested desk full of paperwork and gulped a bit.
To make matters worse, thick, fibrous adhesions are often formed anchoring the congested , fatty tissue to the muscular layer below.
And what better time to do it than on a Sunday afternoon, when the congested city roads and bazaars are not as maddening a proposition to wade your way through as they are on a week day.
In the case of congested arteries, it is usually plaque in the arteries restricting the blood flow.
Blood vitalizing, which has often been used in modern times for its ability to penetrate congested tissues, may be valuable in overcoming tissue resistance, as well.
There were also warnings that property prices around the edge of the zone could fall as streets became congested with traffic trying to avoid the charge.
The proposal for this was made three months back to bypass the congested city roads and help the bus drivers drive safely to various destinations.
It can clear the traffic out of a congested area or impede your opponents.
During reception and protocol processing, packets might be discarded if the machine is congested .
With WiFi support, some radio data traffic that are non-priority, or very large files, could lessen the load on congested ham radio frequencies.
To stave off colds, she should combine it with aconite at the first sign of a scratchy throat or a congested feeling in the head.