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congenial / благоприятный, конгениальный, близкий по духу
имя прилагательное
favorable, auspicious, conducive, advantageous, friendly, congenial
congenial, connate
близкий по духу
имя прилагательное
(of a person) pleasant because of a personality, qualities, or interests that are similar to one's own.
his need for some congenial company
Their work ignored the inner contradictions in the Soviet bloc and reinforced a monolithic image of communism congenial to the cold war apparatus.
The country is still changing in ways congenial to Democrats.
This extreme anti-realism was not congenial to logical positivists.
The reason he had the respect of such a wide range of his younger peers was the quality of his poetry - not just his congenial personality.
Journalists, as you know, are crucial to changing the current climate of opinion to one more congenial to liberty.
The mock-up behind the move was to make the Act more congenial to the economic development needs of Zambia.
She is then plied with drinks, hot and cold, sat down in a warm spot with congenial people and made to enjoy herself.
He was a bright, congenial child who needed constant physical care, but was a pleasure to be around.
A hospitable septuagenarian runs it with her equally congenial son.
And libertarian proposals in most spheres are normally congenial to conservatives too.