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congener / сородич, собрат, родственная вещь
имя существительное
congener, tribesman
fellow, brother, confrere, congener, fellowman
родственная вещь
имя существительное
a thing or person of the same kind or category as another.
Must I turn a blind eye to the tears caused by those who call themselves - and are to some degree - my congeners , even if they too are survivors of Auschwitz?
a minor chemical constituent, especially one that gives a distinctive character to a wine or liquor or is responsible for some of its physiological effects.
The lower the strength of the raw brandy, the richer it will be in the delicious, fruity, hangover-inducing congeners which provide all spirits with their fundamental character.
For example, along the subtidal to intertidal gradient, species replacements are common, and there are many examples of one species in a genus replacing a congener over relatively small vertical ranges where thermal gradients exist.
North American populations of Hypomesus transpacificus, a congener of H. pretiosus, spend the entire life-cycle in freshwater.
She may not be your congener .
Tannins are one form of congener , so red wine will be worse for you than white wine.
No one is my congener .
Its congener is a report on Taino Indian beliefs, produced for Christopher Columbus by Ramón Pané, a Catalan friar on the island of Hispaniola.
Comparisons with its lowland congener further suggested that reliance of M. arizonicum on asexual reproduction may place this moss at a disadvantage in competition for suitable establishment sites at lower elevations.
Dark-coloured drinks, such as brandy, red wine and whisky, contain toxic additives called congeners , formed during fermentation.
One can rapidly survey the appearance and geographic ranges of congeners , thus underscoring an outstanding feature of the volume-the ease with which information can be extracted.
Drinking plenty of water before going to bed helps counteract dehydration and dilutes the congeners ; replacing lost fluids by drinking water, fruit juices, or tea the morning after might also reduce the intensity of a hangover.