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congeal / застывать, замораживать, замерзать
freeze, congeal, solidify, set, harden, jell
freeze, refrigerate, block, deepfreeze, ice, congeal
freeze, congeal
solidify or coagulate, especially by cooling.
the blood had congealed into blobs
the ballet failed to congeal as a single oeuvre
Knowing that the book is devoted to obscenity, the viewer strives to make these recalcitrant shapes congeal into something naughty.
Yet somehow the film's parts never quite congeal into a satisfying whole.
Fever, heat, and stagnation may damage the fluids, which congeal and thicken and do not flow.
the ballet failed to congeal as a single oeuvre
Only there does the noise seem to congeal with some solid structure and make for a truly pleasing listen.
Upon closer inspection, however, we see that the seemingly abstract patterns that repeat across the paintings' surfaces congeal into single or coupled female figures unmistakably engaged in sexual activities.
Fats and grease congeal and harden in cold water which can then be flushed through the system.
But it had such a high melting point and it cooled so rapidly once exposed to air, that it didn't really flow before it congealed into solid rock.
What remains ultimately worrisome is the way theological liberalism has congealed into an ideology, an ideology that will brook no opposition to the party line.