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confused / смущенный, спутанный, сбивчивый
имя прилагательное
embarrassed, confused, bewildered, disconcerted, abashed, flummoxed
confused, matted
confused, discursive, indistinct
имя прилагательное
(of a person) unable to think clearly; bewildered.
she was utterly confused about what had just happened
cause (someone) to become bewildered or perplexed.
past and present blurred together, confusing her still further
So without our having to rely on our own confused struggle to understand the path, this person brings us to an understanding of what it is we are seeing.
You are talking about moving really confused , old people.
At the moment, as reprsented by this thread, it seems to me a confused muddle of mixed intentions, vague accusations, misunderstandings and so on.
I almost laughed at the confused expression on his face.
The Greens seek to appeal to confused and disoriented elements from the extreme right, as well as the left.
Like most people, I am confused about the facts.
She nearly screamed, causing him to set the stick aside and blink at her, a confused expression crossing his face, giving him a boyish appearance.
All my feelings were confused and jumbled up inside of me, and I could not focus on any one thought.
People are deeply confused about that, unless they're very psychologically alert to their feelings.
When she was confused about this, she asked if I would ever bring a woman a bowl of butternut squash soup at a party for a neutral reason, and I said absolutely not.