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conformity / соответствие, подчинение, согласованность
имя существительное
accordance, conformity, correspondence, concordance, accord, mapping
subordination, submission, subjection, obedience, subjugation, conformity
coherence, consistency, conformity, harmony, consensus, congruence
имя существительное
compliance with standards, rules, or laws.
conformity to regulations
The issue with contract documentation is having to deal with diverse conditions across the region making it difficult to harmonise and achieve conformity .
If the national measure is based merely upon the international standard, but not in conformity with it, there is no presumption in its favour, but a complaining member must make a prima facie case in favour of inconsistency.
And so we've investigating conformity , social facilitation, interpersonal distance kind of behaviours, leadership.
In the first place. it is for the legislature to ensure that national legislation is in conformity with the rules of the Convention.
Children receive rewards for conformity to group behaviour and they are punished for dissension.
Certainly, the widespread predilection for the fancy and frivolous has its roots in decades of drab socialist conformity .
The upshot of this is that they internalize responsibility for their bodies' conformity to acceptable norms of feminine beauty and behaviour.
a word of praise or an encouraging smile provide rewards for conformity to social norms
We would look at it in conformity with Spanish law.
There will also be conformity in the color of dealer buildings in grey and silver.