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conformance / соответствия
However, the poor conformance to Web accessibility guidelines is presumably due to a lack of information and a misunderstanding of their importance on the part of content designers and authors.
We do agree that there are situations when tree felling has to be undertaken, but this has to be based on a planned assessment, involving public feedback mechanisms and certainly in conformance with the laws as applicable.
Over time, behavior in conformance with a new rule may itself become habitual.
Further exploration indicates that products that passed conformance testing often failed when linked together.
To qualify for a label, a certified professional engineer is required to verify the building's energy performance and confirm that the indoor environment is in conformance with industry standards.
conformance to international standards
In conformance with his theory, he chose Kora, who was indeed beautiful in her youth, as his life partner.
These mock-ups are then rigorously tested for conformance to the performance criteria established by the architects.
Compliance audits look for conformance to a set of established rules.
If so, he betrayed an inflexible conformance with previously established plans, an inability to seize advantage of unpredicted breaks.