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confluent / сливной, сливающийся, конфлюирующий
имя прилагательное
draining, confluent
confluent, interfluent, joining
confluent, joining
имя существительное
приток реки
confluent, feeder, affluent
одна из сливающихся рек
имя прилагательное
flowing together or merging.
warm confluent smells
For irradiation, cells were cultured in Petri dishes and synchronized by contact inhibition in confluent cultures.
I'll take the risk of extemporising on some confluent themes in this response too.
The nodes were tan-pink and had confluent areas of hemorrhage and necrosis.
These spots later became confluent , with some central clearing and a purple hue.
After all, it wasn't merely the Orient which failed to develop, it was also the rest of Asia and Africa - and this stagnation was confluent with the colonial expansion of Europe.
In any case, the expression of shame as well as the confession of the guilt of sin are identified by their close and confluent correspondences.
The cells were fed every 2-3 days and passaged when confluent .
Cells were confluent within one day and were grown for a total of 5-6 days to allow the brush-border to develop.
The maculopapular rash that occurs with measles begins at the face, then spreads to the trunk and extremities, and may become confluent .
Chick embryonic cells in the interior of confluent monolayers are able to ruffle and translocate relative to one another.