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confiscate / конфисковать, реквизировать
confiscate, seize, impound, sequester, sequestrate, condemn
requisition, commandeer, confiscate, impress, embargo, bring into requisition
имя прилагательное
confiscated, confiscate, expropriated, forfeit
take or seize (someone's property) with authority.
the guards confiscated his camera
They could destroy or confiscate property, without compensation.
As part of the deal, the city would even confiscate land from private owners so that the Rangers owners could engage in real estate speculation.
They will have no powers of arrest, but will be able to issue fixed penalties and confiscate alcohol.
The order, once implemented, would give officers powers to stop someone drinking in a public place and to confiscate any alcohol.
Protesters called upon the government to confiscate its property.
This law is seldom enforced, but the next morning the authorities agreed to confiscate our little chimpanzee.
Where appropriate they also confiscate alcohol from under age drinkers.
Did he have the right to confiscate Electoral land?
Police would be called if a need to confiscate equipment arose.
This is considered such a serious crime that, if caught, the law has the authority to confiscate the vehicle.