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confirmation / подтверждение, утверждение, конфирмация
имя существительное
confirmation, acknowledgment, verification, attestation, affirmation, reaffirmation
affirmation, approval, statement, assertion, claim, confirmation
имя существительное
the action of confirming something or the state of being confirmed.
Sylvia received official confirmation of the instructorship
(in the Christian Church) the rite at which a baptized person, especially one baptized as an infant, affirms Christian belief and is admitted as a full member of the church.
Members attend ritual events such as baptisms, confirmations , wedding ceremonies, and funerals and major religious events such as Christmas and Easter.
Only last week I received confirmation from the council that planning permission had, in fact, been granted.
This especially applies to the parents of the boys and girls who received confirmation in the parish on April 1.
Once accreditation is approved, media will receive confirmation via e-mail.
It's reassuring to receive confirmation that I am not completely misguided.
We still haven't received the mortgage confirmation , which is both worrying and irritating.
Jewish confirmation includes boys and girls and was developed to extend a young person's Jewish education later into their teen years.
The family here may hold some sort of a press conference later today when they get official confirmation of all of that.
It could be as long as 48 hours before health officials get official confirmation that the two have the plague, he said.
We received a letter of confirmation to this effect over the weekend.
But he did so some time after his department had received formal written confirmation of the fact.