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confirm / подтверждать, утверждать, конфирмовать
confirm, reaffirm, acknowledge, affirm, support, verify
claim, affirm, say, assert, maintain, confirm
establish the truth or correctness of (something previously believed, suspected, or feared to be the case).
if these fears are confirmed, the outlook for the economy will be dire
administer the religious rite of confirmation to.
he had been baptized and confirmed
Well did you bother checking with her agency to confirm her arrangements in this country?
The Anglican Church in America has voted to confirm the appointment of an openly gay bishop.
he refused to confirm or deny the allegation
‘This is speculation and we cannot confirm that it is true,’ said a spokeswoman.
they can't confirm if anyone died
Scientists can't confirm that for a fact, but the belief that certain ones stir the libido may be all the convincing that's needed.
Again, testing can help confirm a diagnosis suspected on clinical grounds.
It will also confirm her as the person who cheerfully keeps the group on an even keel, more comfortable than otherwise might be the case with a level of emotional solidarity.
A special meeting of the full council scheduled for Monday to confirm the new appointment has subsequently been cancelled.
It is a good idea to check this with the receptionist when you confirm your appointment.