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confinement / ограничение, роды, тюремное заключение
имя существительное
limitation, restriction, restraint, bound, stint, confinement
birth, childbirth, delivery, labor, confinement, parturition
тюремное заключение
imprisonment, jail, confinement, gaol, constraint, bond
имя существительное
the action of confining, or the state of being confined.
he was immediately released from his confinement
the condition of being in childbirth.
the pros and cons of home versus hospital confinement
Needless to say, the ex-detainee himself had no clue as to the reasons behind his arrest and confinement .
Mother had given her a beautifully embroidered pocket, that Mama had been sewing during her long confinement before the birth of Thomas and Lettie.
Application for maternity benefits must be made at least eight weeks before confinement , or within six months of the birth of the child.
Some of those concerned were prosecuted as offenders, others were not: a great deal depended on individual circumstances, the nature of the referring agency, and the availability of funds to pay for such confinement .
A married couple were detained in the same prison, but in separate confinement , for a period of about two months.
Obviously, such behavior is no basis for compelled treatment and surely none for confinement .
Thus, the Board may only direct the prisoner's release if satisfied that his confinement is no longer necessary for the protection of the public.
he was immediately released from his confinement
Unlawful confinement involves a physical restraint, contrary to the wishes of the person restrained.
He feels that [the patient] does not cope well with confinement and being in close proximity to people he believes are more seriously ill than her.