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configure / конфигурировать
shape or put together in a particular form or configuration.
two of the aircraft will be configured as VIP transports
So the logical step is to add a DVD drive to my machine and configure my system for DVD playback.
You can configure systems online to evaluate different options and prices.
The course will run over six weeks in May and June and will teach people to upgrade and repair computers and configure their operating systems.
That means downtime to configure the new system and reassign users and data.
We are looking at ways of configuring our breweries to make them more efficient.
It took an act of insight to do so, a way of configuring the whole situation.
A screen of that cost needs to be properly configured to the ambient light condition of where you place it, the video card driving it and the tasks that you plan to use it for.
Mobility is largely configured as movement, and moving and transience, as a result, is the norm.
The aircrew successfully configured the aircraft and proceeded with a full-stop landing.
These days Britain's race laws are configured in Brussels.