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confidential / конфиденциальный, секретный, доверительный
имя прилагательное
confidential, private, privy, tete-a-tete
secret, classified, confidential, undercover, subterranean, backroom
имя прилагательное
intended to be kept secret.
confidential information
At the end of a year his master, well satisfied with his conduct, received him into his house, and subsequently made him his confidential assistant.
This makes it tough for progressive schools in which the confidential whisper of the counsellor has replaced the swish of the cane.
We worked very hard to keep any information that they provide us confidential .
This information was plainly not intended to be confidential .
Have you, they ask in confidential tones, recently bought an item for close to £500 online?
I think, with all due respect, there is often a lot of exaggeration about the confidential nature of undercover material.
He said it just as he had before, in a confidential whisper.
Bedfordshire on Sunday obtained this confidential information under the Freedom of Information Act.
More importantly, there is no property in confidential information, such as business secrets and examination papers.
It also covers taking proper precautions to ensure that confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands.