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confide / доверять, поверять, полагаться
trust, trust in, confide, entrust, rely on, believe
confide, unbosom, disembosom
rely, lean, depend, trust, rely on, confide
tell someone about a secret or private matter while trusting them not to repeat it to others.
he confided his fears to his mother
They gaze ardently into each other's eyes, confide dark secrets, embrace by rubbing cheek to cheek.
She laughed triumphantly and leaned closer to her daughter-in-law as if to confide a secret.
Read any supermodel burbling on about the ‘secret’ of her breathtaking beauty and she'll confide , ‘I drink lots of water.’
As we mature it is possible for our parents to confide intimate details - depending on comfort levels a line can be drawn when sharing stories.
The story line is about a gay fashion designer inviting his friends over for lunch to confide a secret.
Definitely don't confide your deepest, darkest secrets to an untruthful bud.
Among friends again, we may be happy to confide our innermost secrets, but when it comes to revealing how much we earn or save, most of us are less forthcoming.
Ian stopped, completely unaware of where this was coming from and knowing this was rather a private thing to confide so casually.
It is all a matter of equestrian confidence, he confides .
‘Your hair is so pretty,’ Becca whispered confidingly , playing with a few strands of the silver hair.