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confidant / доверенное лицо, наперсник, задушевный друг
имя существительное
доверенное лицо
proxy, confidant, agent, envoy, doer, repository
confidant, confident
задушевный друг
confidant, confident
имя существительное
a person with whom one shares a secret or private matter, trusting them not to repeat it to others.
Of the latter, he says: ‘John didn't have any close friends or confidants .’
But ten minutes later, I was his chief confidant and presumed best buddy.
And they often do not have an emotional confidant to share problems with.
Emotionally, a gay man can be a woman's best friend, her confidant , her support, her adviser.
These four are the princess's closest friends and confidants as well as her court.
This was not a question of dramatic emotional conversions, but simply a chance to share with a confidante and feel forgiven.
It might be the effect of temporarily working somewhere different and missing various friends and confidants .
Find a confidante to whom you can confess the idea - or perhaps write about it.
He's one of my closest confidants - I phone him and we talk about our relationship troubles.
Nobody knows who we really are, not even our closest confidants or companions.
Of the latter, he says: ‘John didn't have any close friends or confidants .’