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confession / признание, исповедь, вероисповедание
имя существительное
confession, recognition, acknowledgment, admission, acceptance, avowal
confession, shrift
faith, denomination, confession, profession, church, cult
имя существительное
a formal statement admitting that one is guilty of a crime.
he signed a confession to the murders
a statement setting out essential religious doctrine.
For some, the focus of evangelism efforts is a confession of faith - agreement with or conversion to a specific theological statement.
To his political confession of faith no objections appear to have been made, but the odor of his theological heterodoxy was too strong.
The Defendant is pleading a confession and avoidance to the Plaintiff's claim.
I'm just smiling at his momentary confession of weakness as he carries me over to our booth.
he signed a confession to the murders
Growing numbers went infrequently to confession , or even gave up on the sacrament entirely.
It is such that an unfortunate circumstance or careless remark can shake feelings of love as can an embarrassing confession , comprised of three little words, reinforce it.
When I was here last autumn I made… a short confession of my political faith, or perhaps I should better say, want of faith.
And why do Catholics feel the need to go to confession ?
Had the defence done so, we are by no means convinced that the judge would have admitted the confession .
There was the Good Friday service, a trip to confession on Holy Saturday and, of course, Mass on Easter Sunday.