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confess / исповедовать, исповедоваться, признаваться
confess, profess, shrive
confess, come clean
confess, own, avow, confide, avouch
admit or state that one has committed a crime or is at fault in some way.
he confessed that he had attacked the old man
He also showed His crucifixion scars on his hands and side to Thomas, this made him fall down and confess him as his own Lord and God.
In developing countries, nearly 60 per cent of the people who confess to committing crimes are innocent, as they do so to escape torture.
Our part is to believe and confess Him as our Saviour and Lord.
I could not confess all my sins to the priest
Never let it be said that the US judicial system is devoid of any benevolence, particularly when guilty parties hold up their hand and confess to their crime.
We anticipate the time when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess you as the Lord of creation.
This week's story of the man born blind tells us how vital it is that we come to ‘see’ Jesus in a whole new light and confess him as Lord.
The truth of the matter - and I have to confess to bias here, since it's my hometown - is that New Haven has never deserved its poor reputation.
he wants to confess to Caroline's murder
Despite this academic success, I confess to some skepticism regarding the adoption of their proposals at a state, much less federal, level.