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conference / конференция, совещание, съезд
имя существительное
conference, diet, parley, pow-wow
conference, session, consultation, counsel, council, palaver
congress, convention, conference, rally, synod, cong
имя существительное
a formal meeting for discussion.
he gathered all the men around the table for a conference
an association of sports teams that play each other.
I am tired of the strong stance that they want to take with football without helping the conference in other sports.
the governing body of some Christian churches, especially the Methodist Church.
The bishops made no mention of the US bishops' statement or the opposition to the war by other western episcopal conferences or Catholic church leaders.
take part in a conference or conference call.
video conferencing
As in the past, the Vatican expressed much satisfaction with the conference and the conciliar style of the Church in the United States.
Network executives plan to hold a daily conference call to address any possible programming changes.
an international conference on the environment
This is where the best team in the best conference in college football plays.
This is the best team in the best conference in football, the Big 12.
the annual conference of music teachers
the party conference is being held in Galway
Representatives from the UK and abroad were at the conference to share good practice in tackling gun crime.
They're one of three teams in the conference without a winning record at home, where they are 16-16.
A tape of that conference call was played in court.