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confederate / сообщник, союзник, единомышленник
имя существительное
accomplice, confederate, associate, complice
ally, associate, confederate
confederate, accomplice, like-minded person
имя прилагательное
federative, federate, confederate
union, allied, federal, syndetic, confederate, conjunctional
объединять в союз
составлять федерацию
объединяться в союз
имя прилагательное
joined by an agreement or treaty.
some local groups united to form confederate councils
имя существительное
a person one works with, especially in something secret or illegal; an accomplice.
where was his confederate, the girl who had stolen Richard's wallet?
a supporter of the Confederate States of America.
He is, for example, an ardent apologist for Robert E. Lee, regarding him and other Confederates as American heroes.
bring (states or groups of people) into an alliance.
Switzerland is a model for the new confederated Europe
Segments of our country, including state governments, fly the confederate flag, an acknowledged symbol of slavery and resistance to the ideals of integration, equality and freedom.
I run red lights even though I'm no longer rushing to buy heroin, and I shake with excitement when I see confederate flag stickers on the back of trucks.
He had also furnished me capital and was become my confederate , an accomplice in my frauds.
‘I like it better here than in rural Alabama,’ says a man with confederate flag sewn on his trucker's cap.
From this point of view, the confederate model will consolidate domestic solidarity and unity toward the outside world, and this of course carries positive significance.
Tallassee's cotton mill produced cotton duck for confederate tents during the Civil War.
The tour also featured plenty of pornography and confederate flags.
On the way out, I was stuck behind a guy pulling a howitzer on a trailer that was covered in confederate flag stickers.
About 500 demonstrators, carrying placards and banners, protested the execution, while a half-dozen or so death penalty supporters were on hand, some waving confederate flags.
Foreign affairs, defense, monetary matters, and communication would be entrusted to a confederate government elected by all citizens.