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confederacy / конфедерация, заговор, союз государств
имя существительное
confederation, confederacy
conspiracy, plot, spell, complot, confederacy, mine
союз государств
Estrella had never heard any of these words before, and she hadn't the slightest idea of what a federation or a confederacy was.
the Italian confederacy known as the Lombard League
At any rate, this argument is only partially true since the republic set up by the Iroquois confederacy predates Canadian confederation.
This description was appropriate for a man who made his fortune trading with the native Indians in the Mohawk valley and the nations of the Iroquois confederacy .
They were actually not so much a nation as a confederacy that welcomed new member tribes, even those of a different linguistic and cultural background.
For this has been the year of my initiation into what I'm discovering only now is an elite club, a secret society, an unofficial confederacy the existence of which I was up till now blithely unaware.
The town of Misarata, with the support of the powerful Bedouin tribal allies of the Wafallah confederacy , challenged Tripoli's hegemony.
The Wampanoag were members of a widespread confederacy of Algonkian-speaking peoples known as the League of the Delaware.
He had to abandon his party's policy of reconstruction in the South, handing the old confederacy back to its white state governments.
The question then becomes: What was this confederacy of dunces doing to earn its massive paydays?