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confab / дружеский разговор, болтовня
имя существительное
дружеский разговор
chat, confabulation, confab
chatter, talk, gossip, babble, twaddle, confab
talk, speak, converse, confab, rap, confabulate
chat, talk, dangle, chatter, prattle, confab
talk, converse, chat, commune, gossip, confab
engage in informal private conversation.
Peter was confabbing with a curly-haired guy
имя существительное
an informal private conversation or discussion.
they wandered off to the woods for a private confab
When Roberts was C-in-C he retired to his quarters after an inspection, only to be waited on by senior Indian officers, who wished ‘as private persons to have a confab with the War Lord’.
Don't miss the part maybe two-thirds of the way through where the Enron guys come out to confab with Arnold before the recall process gets going.
this year's annual American Booksellers Association confab
the annual American Booksellers Association confab
A decades-long dispute over lumber isn't likely to be addressed during the brief confab - even if it is set amid the splendour of a Canadian pine forest.
they wandered off to the woods for a private confab
That, and the after party at the confab had to be smashing.
The ‘barman’ had overcharged some chap for his round and they ended up having a 5 minute confab about it.
Regardless, Troy Rawhiti-Forbes is in a backstage confab with the other wrestlers.
In recent years, however, the confab has garnered attention not just from media but from those activists who feel the G8's policies are heavy handed and undemocratic.