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coney / кролик, крашеная кроличья шкурка, заяц
имя существительное
rabbit, bunny, hare, coney, cony, lapin
крашеная кроличья шкурка
cony, coney
hare, rabbit, gatecrasher, puss, coney
имя существительное
a rabbit.
The humble rabbit was once commonly known as cony, coney (yes, as in Island Baby) or cunny.
a small grouper (fish) found on the coasts of the tropical western Atlantic, with variable coloration.
Schools of grunts, coneys and tangs marked the entrance to the grotto, an ancient lava flow that cooled to a black tortured cavity.
In the past, the animal was a rabbit up until the age of a year, and subsequently referred to as a coney .
Because solid colour cat fur is similar to rabbit fur, it is easily passed off as coney in garments and trim and like coney it can be dyed.
This coat is a black dyed coney fur.
Exceptions to this include the hair of the coney , Hyrax syriacus.
A species of Ling is called sometimes the burbot, but it lives in fresh water; and this is also called the coney fish, and supposed to be allusive in the following arms.
Only a few weeks ago I had been in Puerto Rico and eaten a most amazing piece of deep fried, nearly greaseless coney so, I was eager to make some rabbit of my own.
The habits of the coney (hyrax - N.S.) are very accurately. portrayed in the Psalms and in Proverbs.
Also called the ‘rock rabbit,’ ‘ coney ,’ and ‘little chief hare,’ the pika's name is derived from the Siberian word for this animal, puka.
Or the coney killer, coney being the country name for rabbits.
Fen fisherfolk knew them as pout eel, while around the Theford area, they were known as coney fish, as they were believed to spend much of their time hiding in holes in the bank.