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cone / конус, шишка
имя существительное
cone, taper, bell, bevel, nozzle
cone, lump, bump, knob, hotshot, bigwig
придавать форму конуса
имя существительное
a solid or hollow object that tapers from a circular or roughly circular base to a point.
Its present shape is a truncated cone with a base area of 2.1ha and a height of 40m.
the dry fruit of a conifer, typically tapering to a rounded end and formed of a tight array of overlapping scales on a central axis that separate to release the seeds.
Conifer cones , cone scales, cone seeds, and tiny scaly conifer stems are found at a number of short-shoot sites.
a light-sensitive cell of one of the two types present in the retina of the eye, responding mainly to bright light and responsible for sharpness of vision and color perception.
Rods are responsible for vision in low light and cones are responsible for color vision.
The fuselage had a separate cone shaped nose section housing the crew of one.
The mountain is a cone of ice and limestone on a granite base, and the peak is considered by most climbers to be more difficult to reach than Everest's.
At the center of the tableau was the volcano's cone and its steaming crater.
Opened cones need to be tumbled as some seeds adhere to the cone scales.
Now, Yolinda's hair has been formed into a tall cone like shape on her head.
A careful look at an echinacea flower in full bloom will reveal the source of the name: the dark purple cone of the flower does resemble a sea urchin.
The scales of the cone are thin, obovate and have rounded edges.
First we should note that conic sections to Apollonius are by definition the curves formed when a plane intersects the surface of a cone .
Then, after a few more years. it needs fire to release seed from cone , reduce mature tree to ash to nurture the sandy soil, and then rains to ensure vigorous renewal.
They were weighed and wrapped in a cone of paper, which was quickly and expertly rolled by the shopkeeper.