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conduit / трубопровод, канал, изоляционная трубка
имя существительное
pipeline, conduit, piping, pipe, duct, manifold
channel, canal, duct, conduit, opening, tract
изоляционная трубка
имя существительное
a channel for conveying water or other fluid.
a conduit for conveying water to the power plant
a tube or trough for protecting electric wiring.
the gas pipe should not be close to any electrical conduit
White turned the light switch off, there was a severe electrical arc from the conduit , immediately followed by sparks and flames.
In this case, the floor drain provided a conduit to the storm water sewer and a nearby creek or drain.
The cash was again passed through a known conduit for terror organisations.
I note the invoice refers to running a low voltage wire through a conduit pipe, hooking up the units, and then checking the operation of the machinery.
the gas pipe should not be close to any electrical conduit
In the conduit where the crust cracked, the magma crystallizes and forms a dike.
But Roger, they may just keep doing this until you do something like that; they may just think this is such an easy conduit that we'll keep going until otherwise.
So yes, if you're worried about hurting the party as a conduit for soft money, maybe you need to worry about this, but not as an old - fashioned political party.
as an actor you have to be a conduit for other people's words
the office acts as a conduit for ideas to flow throughout the organization