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conductor / проводник, дирижер, провод
имя существительное
conductor, guide, vehicle, leader, porter, trainman
conductor, director, leader, kapellmeister
wire, conductor
conductor, jig, guard, check-taker
vein, conductor, lead, sinew, gannet, course
имя существительное
a person who directs the performance of an orchestra or choir.
he was appointed principal conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
a person in charge of a train, streetcar, or other public conveyance, who collects fares and sells tickets.
The conductor sold me the ticket on the train and I got off at Burley in Wharfedale with a load of other people, all dressed in suits as I was.
This leaves the orchestra without a conductor , and a musical cacophony verging on dissonance.
Alsop is principal conductor of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, which plays tomorrow night at the BBC Proms.
Electricity needs a conductor in order to move.
Mascagni was a competent conductor of orchestral music as well as opera.
As electrons enter the conductor, they displace the electrons in the conductor 's atoms.
On his first visit to Barenboim, Lang played the Tchaikovsky concerto while the conductor played the orchestra part on a second piano.
In England in those days, you had to give your ticket to the conductor at your destination.
Shortly after the train is departed, the conductor comes around collecting tickets.
On alighting from the bus, the conductor handed over his ticket to him, revealing the fact that he had paid for his ticket.
Incorporation of dissolved ions makes water a better conductor of electricity.