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conductive / проводящий
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
having the property of conducting something (especially heat or electricity).
to induce currents in conductive coils
The testing involves a model of a human head filled with a liquid designed to have similar conductive properties to the brain.
Resistance soldering can be applied to electrically conductive materials that allow the passage of electric current.
Further, the pixel electrode overlaps the transparent conductive film for the common electrode to form a storage capacitor.
Despite concerns about the use of conductive irrigation solutions with electrosurgical devices, saline is the most common irrigant used.
Liquid crystal display device with transparent conductive film between pixel electrodes and signal or scanning lines
Still, the current density accommodated by conductive adhesives fell short of what's needed to support power-hungry devices like processors.
In an emergency in the cold, conductive heat loss may be forgotten, with the casualty being well covered with blankets but continuing to lie with nothing between him and the ground.
The recess is filled with an electrically conductive material.
For internally heated salt baths, natural gas flame torches having a moderate flame are effective in melting a pool of molten salt for a conductive path between electrodes.
Imagine that conductive electrodes are then attached to the surfaces and connected through an ammeter having a low internal resistance.