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conduce / способствовать, вести
contribute, promote, help, facilitate, support, conduce
lead, conduct, keep, guide, drive, conduce
help to bring about (a particular situation or outcome).
every possible care was taken that could conduce to their health and comfort
Certainly, lines of inquiry which may conduce to exculpation is one of the hallmarks of material to be disclosed.
This, of course, does not automatically conduce to strong Jewish support for Labour - although one assumes that their vote has been skewed that way.
But when they live in reverence and docility toward these Five, then do these five things conduce to the maintenance, the clarity, the presence of the true doctrine.
This may appear to lead to a totally anarchic condition of affairs, in which every man is constantly at war with every other man: a condition that would clearly not conduce to the survival of the human race.
Our peace through all time demands it, and we intend to leave nothing undone that will conduce to that end and can with honor be performed…
every possible care was taken that could conduce to their health and comfort
Every culture or society, after all, tends to develop favored forms of behavior, certain ways they expect most people to behave, forms that are believed to conduce to the social benefit.
nothing would conduce more to the unity of the nation
What this means in effect is that any practice must be seen to conduce to present welfare as well as to long-term transformation.
In this, I have combined different methods of attack and defense, in such a way that the result will conduce to the harmonious development of the whole body.