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condone / мириться, мириться с, смотреть сквозь пальцы
put up, condone, put up with, make peace, make up, bear with
мириться с
condone, thole
смотреть сквозь пальцы
condone, connive
accept and allow (behavior that is considered morally wrong or offensive) to continue.
the college cannot condone any behavior that involves illicit drugs
We don't often condone active political behaviour here at Directory but the least you can do is be part of the election.
the college cannot condone any behaviour that involves illicit drugs
Equally, I do not condone the supply of arms to such regimes, sanctioned by our own successive governments.
We're never asked to identify with Walter, to fully understand his impulses, or condone his past behaviour.
Although we can't condone such fraudulent behaviour, it must come as a relief to his family to see him in gainful employment at last.
This was not a school agreed protest and we did not sanction this or condone it in any way.
Only with great reluctance does Moses condone the possible introduction of a monarchy in the future.
the college cannot condone any behavior that involves illicit drugs
No matter where you are from, you cannot condone this behaviour.
However, it did find that the state was in no way complicit in, nor did it encourage or condone , such behaviour.