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condominium / кондоминиум, совладение, квартира
имя существительное
condominium, joint possession, co-proprietorship, co-ownership
apartment, flat, room, quarter, condominium, door
имя существительное
a building or complex of buildings containing a number of individually owned apartments or houses.
The works department estimates that multi-family dwellings - which include apartments, condominiums and townhouse complexes - are home to about 40 per cent of Toronto's population.
the joint control of a country's or territory's affairs by other countries.
If anything, new Europe - the Europe of the European Union - has been driven by the Franco-German condominium .
He said that the market was further impeded by the lack of condominium law and property register law.
The nuclear nations would move into this condominium state in a gradual way, undergoing quite intrusive United Nations inspections.
The project is a mixed-use tower to house the Skyscraper Museum, a public restaurant, condominium units, furnished apartments, and a Ritz-Carlton Hotel.
If anything, new Europe - the Europe of the European Union - has been driven by the Franco-German condominium .
It is a mechanism to perpetuate the US - EU condominium in the global economy.
For this they were offered some noncontiguous enclaves within an Israeli-controlled and Israeli-settled condominium .
She plans to move her mother into a condominium .
The Sudan had long been run by British officials under cover of an Anglo-Egyptian condominium , but nationalism bloomed in both the Sudan and Egypt during the Second World War.
How will the conflicting principles underlying a realist major-power condominium and a liberal international nuclear-monitoring regime be reconciled?
She was living in a condominium that she had purchased with the assistance of her father who gave her a gift of $32,000 for the down payment.