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condolence / соболезнование, сочувствие
имя существительное
condolence, commiseration
sympathy, compassion, empathy, feeling, commiseration, condolence
имя существительное
an expression of sympathy, especially on the occasion of a death.
we offer our sincere condolences to his widow
letters of condolence
The Notes sends sincere condolence to the family, relatives and friends of the late Mary Bulmer.
letters of condolence
The team expressed their deep condolences and assured them of support and help.
We want to express our condolences to Joe's family and those dedicated staff who supported him whilst he was in care.
My condolences and deepest sympathy go to the parents and family of the little girl for the loss of a gift from God.
All of us here express our sincere condolences to Roger's wife, family and friends.
The Garrafrauns group offers their condolences to his relations and wide circle of friends.
I watched a plea for his life earlier today from his wife and I extend my sincere and heartfelt condolences to her and to all his family.
Firefighters across the country have expressed their condolences to the victims' families and friends.