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condole / соболезновать, сочувствовать, выражать соболезнование
condole, commiserate, pity
sympathize, compassion, commiserate, compassionate, feel for, condole
выражать соболезнование
commiserate, condole
express sympathy for (someone); grieve with.
the priest came to condole with Madeleine
the priest came to condole with Madeleine
the priest came to condole with Madeleine
In March 1842, Mr Clerk of the Ludhiana political agency had led a diplomatic mission to Amritsar to condole with Maharaja Sher Singh on the death of his predecessor and congratulate him upon his accession.
‘We were shocked by this incident and the MILF condoles with the families of those killed in the attack,’ MILF spokesman Eid Kabalu said.
Barwari thanked Iraq's allies and condoled with the victims' families in the recent attacks in Fallujah and areas where Iraqi rebel resistance is heavily felt.