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conditional / условный, обусловленный
имя прилагательное
conditional, conventional, contingent, suspended, nominal, provisional
due, conditioned, caused, conditional, specified, given
имя существительное
условное выражение
имя прилагательное
subject to one or more conditions or requirements being met; made or granted on certain terms.
Western aid was only granted conditional on further reform
(of a clause, phrase, conjunction, or verb form) expressing a condition.
And she puts it in a conditional clause, which makes a difference.
имя существительное
a conditional clause or conjunction.
Let us turn now, though, to subjunctive conditionals contextualism.
the conditional mood of a verb, for example should die in if I should die.
Romanian uses an analytic construction for the conditional .
These conditional drug company offers have angered AIDS groups.
She had a conditional offer from art school but deliberately sabotaged her exams.
Richmond council recently gave its conditional support to a soil treatment project in our city.
Marriage vows don't include a conditional fulfillment clause.
The council has given conditional support to a referendum, but has expressed concern over a number of issues.
It said that ‘crucially’ students with underestimated grades did ‘not receive the conditional offers that they merit’.
It was agreed by the meeting for the clerk to proceed with the conditional offer made to rent the Pound for a period of two years with the proviso that the old tin shed could be removed.
Mr. Hood said at the time the consortium made their bid too late and it was a conditional offer.
Months of hard work and dedication paid off when literature lover Jane, 37, was given a conditional offer to study English at Harris Manchester College, which caters for mature students.
On the other hand, with the organic view of self, the transformational leader puts more value on interdependence, conditional autonomy and meeting social obligations toward others.