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condescending / снисходить, унижаться, ронять свое достоинство
condescend, deign, stoop
degrade, grovel, stoop, demean, debase, prostrate
ронять свое достоинство
demean oneself, condescend, derogate
имя прилагательное
having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority.
she thought the teachers were arrogant and condescending
show feelings of superiority; be patronizing.
take care not to condescend to your reader
And if that weren't bad enough, a picture intended to make Stern's condescending message unmistakably clear accompanies the article.
Often times, I believe that these condescending attitudes are at least partly due to misconceptions about Christianity.
Even the Indians, towards whom some of my fellow countrymen have a condescending attitude, made strenuous efforts to revive the long-dead language of Sanskrit.
At a makeshift relief camp in Nagappattinam, India, refugees complained about what they view as the condescending attitude of relief workers.
Our schools are only just recovering from the condescending attitude that we ought to expect worse standards from the poor.
Even when youth activism is accepted it is usually in a condescending or patronizing manner when older and more experienced organizers run and co-opt youth efforts.
He evaluates the host culture from his own perspective and approaches it with a condescending or even contemptuous attitude.
And therefore, one has either to ditch the condescending attitude to the electorate, or the social democracy.
I still find their attitude to us condescending and disgraceful.
It turns out that nearly everyone, Japanese or otherwise, is a philistine in the condescending and rather snobbish world view of the film.