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condenser / конденсатор, конденсор, холодильник
имя существительное
capacitor, condenser, refrigerator, refrigeratory, fridge, frig
refrigerator, fridge, cooler, condenser, icebox, frig
имя существительное
an apparatus or container for condensing vapor.
The components were transported to the cryogenically cooled trap, via a condenser , to freeze out excess moisture.
a lens or system of lenses for collecting and directing light.
The microscope condenser collects this light.
To exactly determine the laser intensity in the objective focus, the transmission of the objective was measured by replacing the condenser with an identical objective and measuring the transmitted light.
Fortunately the mic head and condenser element hadn't gone in; just the transmitter belt-pack.
He also made practical improvements in microscope design including, in 1870, the use of a condenser to give a high-powered even illumination of the field of view.
As the hot, high-pressure gas flows through the condenser , it radiates heat into the ambient air and cools down.
The heat gathered from the evaporator is expelled through the condenser , where the refrigerant is liquefied in the process.
However, when products of much higher purity are desired, part of the condensate has to be brought into contact with the vapor on its way to the condenser and recycled to the still pot.
The microscope condenser collects this light.
Blowers push the now-saturated air into a condenser , the first stage in a process that forces the moisture to condense as fresh water.
It looked just like ammonia, clear drops rolling down the cold condenser and dripping into the round-bottom flask below.
As the refrigerant condenses, it gives off heat in the condenser / heat exchanger (the black pipes on the back of your refrigerator).